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lampang eyefoundation

Our foundation provides services to mainly blind student and other disabilities as following: -
         1.School for the blind: private school, kindergarten 1 to secondary level        (4-15 years old)
         2.Promote Inclusive education for the blind in the north of Thailand.  There are 24 schools that enjoy blind student to study.  Providing scholarship for poor blind student.  Totally 98 blind students under our services.
         3. Community Based Rehabilitation for cross disabilities- CBR in remote area of Lampang, Chiangrai, and Kalasin and Korat province.  About 381 disabled received the services last year. The services are : educate family in order to do rehabilitation skills such as basic physio therapy for  physically handicapped and Cerebral palsy.
: vocational training for adult disabled person
: provide assistive devices such as cane, walker, wheelchair etc.
: training program for volunteer, family member on rehabilitation skills for the blind, Orientation and mobility skills for the blind,  sign language for the deaf etc.
: Home and environment adaptive for physically handicapped, build the house for poor disabled.
           4. Eye mobile clinic to remote area:  about 10 eyes mobile/year,
           5. Braille material production center: produce Braille book, teaching material for the blind student.  Provide equipment for learning such as Braille printer, Brailler, etc for the blind.
    6.Power Blind Shop:  This is brand new project that start 2012.  The project is create coffee shop that run by Blind  barista.  This shop provide services as Social enterprise (SE) to increase ability of disable to have income themselves.  In the shop are include fresh coffee & soft drink services, sell products which is made by disabled from community of CBR project area.  This power blind shop wills official open in June 2012.
    7. Orientation and Mobility skills training center for the Blind:  This services direct to blind person who never being trained how to do daily living skills, travelling by cane independently.  The center can provide O&M training for the blind about 100 blinds a year.  Each course takes 20 days training period.  
Special need:  
    The LEF foundation starts to provide services for disabled in the north since 17 years ago. We try our best to do the best services for person with disabilities.  In the meantime, LEF need several support to expand services to meet the need of PWDs as following:-
1.    Play ground for blind student in the school:  play yard, play ground toys and construction totally about  300,000  baht  
2.    Support building: O&M training building:  This building is including bedroom for the blind, kitchen utensil, kitchen training area, management room.  Budget about 4 million baht.  You can support some part depend on your interest.
3.    Toy library and sensory training room: This unit will attach to classroom.  The purpose of this room to increase & stimulate growth development of young blind children through variety of toys, sensory training toys.  The budget is about 200,000 baht.  
4.    Support services to disabled person:
-    Cataract surgery
-    Food for blind student.
-    Scholarships for blind in inclusive education program.
-    Study tour for disabled and blind student to the seas

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